Many feel govt needs more time

Husna Alias

KUALA LUMPUR: Netizens have mostly reacted with understanding in their assessment of the Paka-tan Harapan government’s first 100 days in office.

Those who commented on the New Straits Times Facebook page said such a short timeframe was not enough for the government to change what was wrong in the country.

They said it needed time to improve things and deliver on its promises.

However, some wanted the government to fulfil its promises that were made to entice voters before the 14th General Election.

They said the government could not keep blaming the previous administration for its failure to deliver on its pledges.

Following are some of the comments.

Uthaya Kumar said it was too early to judge the new government.

“Let us give them five years, and then we can decide in the next election. Malaysians decide. People power,” he posted.

Terry Francis Gitom said he wanted a good and clean government.

“We do not want thieves running this country and raking up debts. The future of the country... future of our children is more important than anything else.”

Manoraj Zechariah commented that it was no easy task to deliver the PH manifesto within 100 days, adding that Malaysians needed to give more time to the new government to complete its work.

“You cannot expect all the pro-mises to be fulfilled with a RM1 trillion debt left by the former go-vernment. Malaysians gave Bari-san Nasional 61 years to govern, yet they failed us. So why not give the new government a chance to fix all this?”

Johan Hakimi, however, said he was not happy with PH’s results.

“Pointing fingers at the previous government and such, does it get the job done? Nope.

“Only talk, but no proof.”

The PH manisfesto was unveiled on March 8, with the then opposition promising to fulfil 10 pledges within the first 100 days if it wrested Putrajaya from BN. © New Straits Times Press (M) Bhd