Marc 'Bonecrusher' Diakiese celebrates stunning knockout with breakdance

In the days leading up to this week’s UFC Fight Night 107 in London, Marc ‘Bonecrusher’ Diakiese insisted people put some “respect” on his name.

If they didn’t hear him then, they sure do now.

The British lightweight put on a show during Saturday’s bout with Teemu Packalen, ending the fight with a sensational knockout 30 seconds into the match, and capping his victory with a celebration befitting of his emerging star.

Diakiese is known for his dynamic footwork but it was a powerful right-handed punch that dropped Packalen to the floor moments into the opening round. Equally eye-catching was the celebration that followed.

“I’ve been saying it all week and I’ll say it again: That was easy work,” the 24-year-old said on the UFC broadcast. “I’m one of the best and I will keep proving it.”

The emphatic knockout improved Diakiese to 12-0 in his career and 3-0 in the UFC.

Moments after Diakiese’s stunning knockout, Packalen took to Twitter to let his fans know he was OK.