Marc Jacobs Launches New Fragrance 'Honey' With Campaign Shot By Juergen Teller

Marc Jacobs Launches New Fragrance 'Honey' With Campaign Shot By Juergen Teller

Marc Jacobs has been a busy bee as he is working on his cosmetics collection with Sephora, has a role in the film Disconnect, and is the creative director of Diet Coke for 2013, as well working on his own label AND Louis Vuitton. But he's now adding a new perfume to his shelf alongside Lola, Daisy and Dot as he is launching Honey Eau de Parfum which will be released in July this year.

So what can we expect from the new MJ scent? The bottle is a reworking of the Marc Jacobs Dot bottle in yellow and gold, complete with it's very own bumble bee. So we think it will be a warm, golden younger sister of Dot. Like Dot, the MJ scent was developed by perfumer Annie Buzantian in collaboration with Ann Gottlieb. It has top notes of pear, fruity punch and juicy mandarin; a heart of orange blossom, peach nectar and honeysuckle, and a base of honey, golden vanilla and smooth woods. Honey has been described as a sunny, bright and bold floral fragrance. Sounds delicious to us.

The campaign is shot by Juergen Teller, like all of MJ's other fragrance ads. The ads will feature a hero shot of the golden Dot bottle. Will there be a bright young thing? Australian model Codie Young starred in the campaign for Dot and Dakota Fanning starred in the controversial ad for Oh, Lola!

Juergen shot that campaign with Dakota when she was 17 and held a big purple perfume bottle by her crotch. The UK Advertising Standards Authority thought that Dakota looked under 16 and was in a provocative pose, so it was seen as sexualising a child. Dakota recently spoke out about the controversy for the very first time and said: ‘If you want to read something into a perfume bottle, then I guess you can. But it’s also like, ‘Why are you making it about that, you creep?’ I love Marc and trust him, and we just laughed about it.'

Back to Honey, it'll come in three sizes, 30, 50 and 100 ml and will also come in a body lotion and shower gel. Who else is buzzing (sorry, we just couldn't help ourselves) for the latest MJ scent?

Take a look at Marc Jacobs' previous fragrance campaigns in the gallery below...

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