Margot Robbie on gearing up to film her nude scene in Wolf of Wall Street

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Since getting her start on neighbours in 2008, Margot Robbie has gone on to become one of the biggest actors around, with her turn as Jordan Belfort's wife, Naomi, in The Wolf of Wall Street, catapulting her into mainstream awareness back in 2013. But, she recently shared, that film could've looked very different – as even though she was still early on in her career at that staged, she helped to rewrite a parts of the movie.

Speaking during a special BAFTA: A Life In Pictures recording (supported by electronics brand TCL), for which Cosmopolitan UK was in attendance, Margot revealed that the scene where Leonardo Di Caprio's character, scam artist Jordan, kidnaps their daughter Skylar whilst high on drugs, and crashes his car, was a late in the day addition to the Martin Scorsese film. This key part of the movie is what then triggers Naomi and Jordan's divorce.

"What happened previously in the script was that I walked into his office and said I want a divorce. And that was it," Margot explained. "[But we felt] like something was missing." This, she says, led to her "Marty [Martin Scorsese] and Leo locking themselves in a room until 3 in the morning" to see what else they could come up with that had a bigger punch.

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It was also during this brainstorming session that the trio came up with Margot and Leo's now infamous sex scene, which begins with Margot walking in fully naked bar stockings and heels – and which she admitted to having "a few shots of tequila" before filming. The actor also shared that she hadn't anticipated quite how much attention that nude section of the film would attract.

"It was my first film in America, it sounds silly now but I thought I'd slip under the radar," she reflected.

As for the car-kidnap scene, Margot said they referred back to Jordan Belfort's book, The Wolf of Wall Street, for inspiration, and quickly told their assistant director of the plan, which involved a lot of destruction to somebody's real home.

"Our brilliant AD Adam Somner was probably tearing his hair out because out of nowhere we were like, so, we're gonna need to break the garage door of someone's house, break a car window, and destroy a couch," she laughed, later adding that "the crazier you are, the more Marty's going to love it."

Anyone else in the mood to rewatch TWOWS now?

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