Maria McManus RTW Spring 2024

“The collection is called ‘We Are All Immigrants’ and we need to draw attention to the fact that we in the First World create climate change, and then in the Third World, the people are displaced by it. I believe fashion is a way of bringing people together. Community is so important, so we’re using this moment to gather people and encourage them to think a little bit about how they consume and how they spend their money,” sustainability-minded luxury designer Maria McManus said at the end of her spring runway, joining a grouping of models to explain her process, message and materiality — a nice moment to close the show.

“I know there are many, many beautiful collections in the world. But our point of view is a little different and we try to make everything as sustainable as possible. So I’m going to just talk you through one or two details within each piece in the collection,” she said, pointing out biodegradable buttons and linings; a high-twist, organic cotton trench; a dress made up of 60 percent Cupro from recycled fibers, and the fact that her collections are mostly made in New York to ensure high quality and fair living wages.

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McManus said although her inspiration was a dark reality, she didn’t want the clothes to be “so dark,” so she imbued sand and sea colors into the lineup, as well as pajama and relaxed dressing, alluding to the idea of “people coming to America through these breezy situations to get here.”

Highlights of the 17-look assortment included a fishnet crochet mesh dress made up of a recycled cashmere and organic cotton blend with recycled plastic sequins; breezy pleated skirts in sea green and aquamarine, made from responsibly farmed tree pulp; streamlined tailoring, and recycled cashmere twinsets with little briefs.

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Launch Gallery: Maria McManus RTW Spring 2024

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