'Mario Kart Tour' arrives in Paris in latest mobile game update

"Mario Kart Tour" is heading to Paris from November 5, with a racing circuit that includes famous tourist hotspots such as the Eiffel Tower, Arc de Triomphe, and the Louvre, and new looks for franchise characters Princess Peach and Shy Guy.

[Mario Kart Tour - Paris Tour Trailer: youtu.be/0wcdRNx1Ar8]

Get ready to skid, slide, and sling power ups through the streets of Paris -- or, at least, the Marioverse's interpretation of the French capital -- in a November 5 update to Android and iOS racing game "Mario Kart Tour."

The new circuit is also an opportunity for Nintendo to spotlight new versions of two franchise characters.

Princess Peach wears a summery dress and vacation hat, while Shy Guy has found a new vocation as a pastry chef, grasping a sturdy hand whisk and topped with a red kerchief and toque blanche hat.

Previous tour courses have been inspired by New York, USA and Tokyo, Japan, with Egyptian capital Cairo and the UK's London on the list of future stop-offs.

Released towards the end of September 2019, free mobile game "Mario Kart Tour" was not especially well received at review because of avenues toward in-app spending and season pass costs that were considered excessive.

Nonetheless it roared to 90 million downloads over the course of its first week and over 120 million downloads during its first month, according to reports from mobile app store tracker Sensor Tower, while players generated an estimated $37m USD in revenue over the same four-week period.