Marjorie Taylor Greene complains that ‘White House is attacking me’ after Biden impeachment demands

Georgia firebrand Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene went on a multi-tweet tirade over the weekend, claiming the White House is “attacking” her over her laundry list of demands to be met before she supports raising the debt ceiling.

“The White House is attacking me for demanding an impeachment inquiry before I’ll vote to fund one penny to our over bloated $32 TRILLION dollar in debt failing government,” Rep Greene wrote on Saturday. It was her first post in a thread consisting of 14 consecutive tweets.

“We have the evidence they have desperately been trying to hide to just ask the question. Should we inquire? Should we just take a look? Dare we investigate further?” She continued, “The answer is YES but the White House is outraged at my audacity to demand it.”

The Georgia Republican also took aim at President Joe Biden, accusing the White House of being “filled with pathetic blind fools led by one corrupt criminal mentally incompetent old man who has been in Washington seats of power longer than I’ve been alive.”

She also doubled down on her resistance to send aid to Ukraine — while simultaneously calling out Mr Biden for his border policies. “You would rather send our sons and daughters to be blown to shreds in another foreign war and sent home in flag draped coffins than actually do your constitutional duty of defending our own states,” Rep Greene wrote.

Not only did she blast “Bidenomics,” but she also touted her anti-transgender views, criticising the president for supporting “brainwashing” children “of the most evil disgusting lie that they can change their gender from what God created them to be.”

She ended her rant by writing, “Go ahead and mock me, I could care less, and the American people know the truth. See you soon.”

The Georgia Republican’s comments follow the White House’s response to her demands over what would need to happen before she supported raising the debt ceiling. Those demands, which she announced last week, include passing an impeachment inquiry into President Biden, stopping funding Covid-19-related mandates, ending aid to Ukraine, and halting funding of what she called the “weaponised part of the government.”

This includes, according to Rep Greene, the FBI, special counsel Jack Smith — whose probes have resulted in two federal indictments against former president Donald Trump. She also called for the firing David Weiss, the special counsel leading the Hunter Biden probe.

The White House slammed Ms Greene’s demands in a statement from spokesperson Andrew Bates: “The last thing the American people deserve is for extreme House members to trigger a government shutdown that hurts our economy, undermines our disaster preparedness, and forces our troops to work without guaranteed pay.”

He added that “it would be a shame” for “House Republicans” who promised “the American public about government funding” to “break their word and fail the country because they caved to the hardcore fringe of their party in prioritizing a baseless impeachment stunt over high stakes needs Americans care about deeply – like fighting fentanyl trafficking, protecting our national security, and funding FEMA.”

Ms Greene has repeatedly called for an impeachment inquiry into Mr Biden — and has even filed articles of impeachment against the president multiple times.