Mark Ballas and BC Jean share bathroom stories

BC Jean and Mark Ballas are the music duo Alexander Jean. (Photo: Matt Winkelmeyer/Getty Images for Entertainment Weekly)

Dancing With the Stars phenom Mark Ballas and his singing-songwriting wife, BC Jean — who together form music duo Alexander Jean — have yet to go on their honeymoon, a month after their first anniversary.

“We didn’t get to go on a honeymoon because I had to come back to [Broadway’s] Jersey Boys,” Ballas told Yahoo. “We’ve been thinking about Thailand, French Polynesia, Maldives, Bali, Bora Bora. We’re both Greek. Greece would be fun. What we want is a beach and to throw our phones away and just sit there.”

But before the two jet off and totally tune out the world, they have other things to take care of, like more shows on their tour and recording another EP. On Tuesday, the band performed the songs from their first two EPs, in addition to some holiday tunes, as they teamed up with Charmin to celebrate the closing week of Charmin Restrooms — a pop-up space during the busy holiday season — in bustling Times Square.


“I was on Broadway for six months last year, every day,” Ballas said.

Jean interjected, “He would tell me these horrible stories. Emergencies!”

“I went into a McDonald’s — so, the fact that [Charmin] is doing this, it’s really nice,” Ballas said.

We chatted up the star couple to discuss other (sometimes dirty) details about their life together.

Yahoo Lifestyle: What bathroom products — like cleanser and moisturizers — do you share with each other?

Mark Ballas: We share body wash.

BC Jean: We share Charmin. We honestly have a subscription on Amazon for Charmin.

Do you have any wacky public bathroom stories, like the “spare a square” episode of Seinfeld?

BCJ: The other day, me and a girlfriend hadn’t seen each other in forever — and we’ve been so busy touring — that when we got to the bathroom stalls, we both had to go at the same time. We just started talking about our lives. There was someone else in the stall who was like, “This is really weird. Is this how you guys normally catch up?”

MB: I was going to pee. It was somewhere on the tour, and this guy was like, “Can I get a selfie?” … “Uh, in a minute.” I gave him one outside. I was like, “We should both wash our hands first. You should not be so close to me.”

What’s the best bathroom reading material?

MB: I’m always on reading fight stats. Or watching highlights.

BCJ: I’m rereading The Four Agreements. It’s actually in our travel bag right now, in the hotel room. It’s really good for living, spirituality, being a good human, being confident, not taking things personal — just to reread.

How many bathrooms do you guys have in your house?

MB: Two!

Who’s usually cleaning the toilets?

BCJ: Definitely not Mark. It would be me.

Are you guys cool with walking in on each other?

MB: Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. Well…

BCJ: It depends on what number!

MB: Yeah. If it’s the second number, I’m like, “Get out!”

BCJ: Yeah. Both of us are like, “Get out.”