Markarova optimistic about US weapons arrival in Ukraine this April


The first package of weapons from the United States after the adoption of the aid bill may arrive in Ukraine as early as April, Ukraine's Ambassador to the United States, Oksana Markarova, told European Pravda on April 23.

Markarova expressed optimism that the legislative process for the aid bill would conclude swiftly and that President Joe Biden would promptly sign it into law, thereby immediately activating the provisions to arm Ukraine. "Ukraine and the United States are actively working on these packages, not stopping even when there was no such authority," Markarova stated, suggesting a rapid deployment of the aid. "Therefore, I think it will be very fast. Let's not rule out even April."

The US aid bill Ukraine

The House of Representatives passed the bill on the evening of April 20 after months of debate, allocating over $60 billion in support for Ukraine. This followed the Senate’s approval of a broader $95 billion aid package on February 13, which also included support for Israel and Taiwan, with Ukraine receiving $61.4 billion.

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The version passed by the House set the aid to Ukraine at $60.8 billion and noted a conditional offer by President Biden to provide Kyiv with long-range tactical missile systems (ATACMS), contingent on it not jeopardizing U.S. national security interests.

The bill is slated for Senate consideration on April 23 and is expected to be swiftly signed into law by President Biden.

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Adding to the urgency, Mark Warner, Chairman of the Select Committee on Intelligence, revealed on April 21 that the U.S. could dispatch a new aid package, including ATACMS missiles, to Ukraine by the end of the week. This rapid support reflects the ongoing collaboration and strategic planning between the two nations, as noted by Ambassador Markarova.

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