Married chef dupes single mother into ‘exorcism sex’ to purge her bewitched son, Hong Kong court hears

Brian Wong

A married chef duped a single mother into “exorcism sex” with him twice, pretending it was the instruction of a female exorcist he impersonated in order to purge her bewitched son, a local court heard on Friday.

Unbeknown to the 30-year-old woman, the supposed female spiritual master – who went by the alias “Black Rose” – was in fact 42-year-old part-time chef Man Ka-ying, the District Court was told.

Prosecutors said he acquainted with the victim on Chinese social messaging app WeChat, and claimed her four-year-old son had been possessed by evil spirits under the guise of an exorcist.

On Friday, he pleaded guilty to two counts of procuring unlawful sexual acts by false pretences. He will remain in custody before receiving his sentence on October 11, awaiting a victim impact report.

Prosecutors said Man engaged the single mother in WeChat conversations in January 2018. Using the pseudonym “MAN”, he claimed he had met a female exorcist from Wuhan, of Hubei province, who could perform spiritual acts on people to change their fates and get rid of their misfortunes.

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The woman paid no heed at first, but later asked him for help on July 24 last year, when she worried her son had been possessed by spirits.

Later, “Black Rose” contacted her on WeChat to confirm her suspicion, and claimed the only way to expel the evil spirits dwelling inside her boy was for her to engage in sexual intercourse with the defendant.

She had sex with Man on at least two occasions between July 27 and 31. Subsequently, the purported female exorcist told her to stay away from the defendant and delete all conversation records with him, as he had “exhausted his entire life force and would soon perish”.

The mother did not realise she had fallen prey to a scam until she read about similar cases from the news. She then reported the matter to police, which led to the defendant’s arrest on August 2.

Defence lawyers said Man, who has two daughters from two marriages, had been driven by “foolish, wicked thoughts which he fully confessed when he was arrested”, but Judge Katherine Lo Kit-yee dismissed the claim.

“That was not exactly true, because he said [under caution] the sex was consensual, but the so-called consent was not consent in its true sense,” Lo replied.

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Lawyers also said this case was not as serious as its precedents, because the defendant had used contraception during sex with the victim who was an adult, and did not press for further sexual acts with her. He also had a clear record and was cooperative with police.

In his mitigation letter, he said he understood he had “hurt the victim hugely” and was “very sorry”. In another letter, his wife said she had forgiven her husband, and described him as “a good person” who had worked hard to support his family.

Lo called for a victim-impact report from the single mother before determining sentence terms of the man.

This is the second case in a week where a man pleaded guilty to soliciting sex under the pretence the act would give rise to supernatural effects.

Last Friday, the District Court heard a 24-year-old saleslady was lured into having sex with former financial broker Mickey Fung Tin-ho, 39, and giving him an estimated HK$106,500 (US$13,585) for purported Thai Buddhist rituals to reincarnate her late mother and aborted baby between August and September, 2018.

Fung admitted to 19 counts of procuring unlawful sexual acts, thefts and fraud. He will be sentenced on September 17.

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