Marvel Snap comes to Steam with Sailor Squirrel Girl, Mecha Devil Dinosaur, and more

 Marvel Snap trailer still
Marvel Snap trailer still

Marvel Snap is coming to PC, and to celebrate, the virtual card game has released a new trailer in which Doreen Green gets her own Magical Girl style transformation as a kind of Sailor Squirrel Girl. The game's long-awaited PC launch was initially announced at Gamescom.

The trailer also features a bunch of other Multiversal mash-ups of fan-favorite Marvel heroes and classic cartooning styles, including Looney Tunes-esque takes on Ghost Rider and Deadpool, and a giant mecha Devil Dinosaur.

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This is all par for the course with Marvel Snap, a fast-paced card battler that centers on the Marvel Multiverse, which itself is home to nearly infinite 'Variants' of well-known Marvel characters and stories.

The trailer also shows off the Cosmic Cube, a reality altering artifact from Marvel Comics, and one of the main mechanisms of Marvel Snap gameplay, which primarily centers around using your cards to capture and hold different in-game zones.

Marvel Snap launched in October 2022, winning numerous mobile game awards while generally hyping up fans and critics alike. The game has remained a strong presence in mobile games, though it has occasionally struggled with issues of balance in its core multiplayer modes.

To celebrate Marvel Snap's arrival on PC through Steam (with the promise of other PC platforms to come), the game is offering rewards "all-month long" to players who sign up and dive into the Marvel Multiverse.

The biggest reward, all of which are listed on the official Marvel Snap website, is a card featuring the aforementioned mech variant of Devil Dinosaur, which will be available to players who log in between August 21 and September 22, 2023.