Maryam Rahmani Aka Maria Speaks About the Importance of Sports and Self-Defense

Generalist and jack-of-all-trades Maryam Rahmani who is also known as Maria is an influencer and a role model for many, She in her recent discourse conveyed her notion for cultivating the habit of exercise and shared the importance of fitness training.

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Maryam-Maria ignited her interest in sports and Martial arts from the budding age of 9 and continued her journey till corporate responsibility called for her attention. Maria is among the first few girls in UAE to get a black belt in Taekwondo back in the Polaroid age of the 90s.

The pursuant was also among the few who turned out to be a certified Taekwondo player from the Korean federation. She even managed to take out time to teach fellow aspirants too in a renowned club in Sharjah, after she received her certification.

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This didn't settle her to achieve, Maria was always in her best form and was in her ace game, inspired and encouraged by her mentors Maryam-Maria went ahead to practice Shaolin Kungfu alongside Taekwondo and holds a belt in it too.

Maria has also created a niche for herself in the field, she is a spirit of huntress who admires and feels thrilled for adrenal sports. She has tried everything from jumping off in skydiving, swimming in for scuba, and hurdling the longest zip lines, along with her crazy fondness for sports automobiles.

There isn't a sport Maria hasn't mastered, be it hockey or ice skating. She has skated for one of the oldest sports clubs in Nasr leisure and also for a fashion show that was railed on ice.

All the influencer wants the future generation to do is to care for themselves, empower their skills and opt for any type of sports as it would help them cultivate discipline and train them for the competition world.

Maria wants people to do things they love as she always did. The persona - Maryam Rahmani aka Maria along with sports has an upper hand in the beauty industry as well. She is a skillful makeup artist and glamour person along with managing several corporate enterprises under her realm.

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