Masi Habibi: Owner of MasiTrades

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She hated working under someone. She was just not contented nor did 9-5 jobs gave her happiness. Her interests were calling her to make a career from them and forcing her to be a boss herself. But she was not ready for a change and was scared to take a risk of leaving her job with an obvious salary. She is Masi Habibi, owner of MasiTrades.

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Masi started like any naive trader who doesn’t understand what actually basic market is about. With 0 market etiquettes she entered the trading world because she was extremely interested in stock market. She lost 20000 in her first year just like another person who just jumped into with basic knowledge. Knowledge in any field is important to establish yourself into it. However, she took a step back but understood that she needs to learn more. She says, ‘’I took a step back and re-evaluated what I wanted to gain from this experience. I wanted to be successful as possible and really believed that this was something I could attain that success through. So, I started again, learning, trading and it clicked. I trading stocks for about 6 months and then moved towards options day trading and have been successfully trading options for about 3 years now’’. She has business which is basically an educational service that provides individuals the tools to learn about the basics about the

stock market so that they are able to move into more advanced day trading strategies. She believes a lot of people really don't know much about the stock market except that someone can invest long term, but there are so many other ways that he/she can potentially earn income from the market and that is what MasiTrades provide.

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Masi’s main advice to all those business starters is to make sure whatever business they are starting; they are supposed to be passionate about it. It is a key component to the successfulness of a business. The more a person care about something the more willingly they dedicate their time to it.

Masi says, ‘’I struggled during college and after college with my career and what path I wanted to take, and I wish I had a mentor or guide to talk to that had been through the same things I was going through. Now, starting an educational service, I'm able to provide that for others so that they don't have to go through that struggle alone because it can be a lonely journey and this is the aspect of my business that I'm the most passionate about’’.

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