The Masked Singer viewers left in stitches by hilarious Wendy Williams performance

Isobel Lewis
·1-min read
Wendy Williams gave herself away as Lips on The Masked Singer (Fox/Getty Images)
Wendy Williams gave herself away as Lips on The Masked Singer (Fox/Getty Images)

Wendy Williams had The Masked Singer viewers cracking up laughing with a hilarious performance on the singing competition.

The Wendy Williams Show host was unmasked on Wednesday’s show (29 October) as the celebrity behind the Lips costume, which consisted of a giant pair of red sparkly lips.

Before her unveiling, Williams had performed an off-key rendition of Odyssey’s “Naked New Yorker”, with fans online declaring the video the “funniest thing [they’d] seen all week”.

In the clip, Williams keeps pausing the song to talk, accidentally revealing her real voice in the process. At one point, the presenter cackles with laughter until she snorts, which she follows up with an “oops”.

Contestants on The Masked Singer have their voices disguised when they talk between performances to hide their identities, so that what they really sound like can only be heard when they sing.

“The true reality TV winner of tonight was Wendy Williams on The Masked Singer,” one viewer wrote.

“Wendy Williams on The Masked Singer will cure all my problems,” another commented.

Many pointed out that the laugh was a big clue as to Williams’ identity, with one viewer commenting: “Wendy Williams is Lips on Masked Singer lmaooo. She had so much fun with her performance. I figured it out when she laughed.”

“Gurl it was the snort that gave it away,” another wrote.

The Masked Singer is currently airing its fourth season in the US, with The Masked Singer UK expected to air in the coming months after filming in September.