MasterChef Singapore crowns Season 4 winner, home-based cook Inderpal Singh

Singapore’s biggest cooking show has aired its season 4 finale with a new MasterChef — home-based F&B business owner, Inderpal Singh. Telecast on 15 Oct, the 10th episode featured a 3-way battle between Singh, dessert specialist Tina Amin and the level-headed Mandy Kee.

Singh scored an impressive 76.6 out of 90 with a 3.6-point lead over runner-up Tina’s 73. As champion, he received S$10,000 in cash, Luzerne tableware, a staycation package at Resorts World Sentosa (RWS)’s Hotel Ora, and a 3-month internship at one of the resort’s speciality restaurants.

MasterChef Singapore S4 winner - Inderpal Singh
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Like previous seasons, the contestants were put through the crucible to test their proficiency beyond just cooking. They went through harrowing timed challenges and even tests where they methodically replicated recipes of renowned chefs.

MasterChef Singapore S4 winner - Resident judges with Guest Chef Janice Wong
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The last bout between the 3 finalists was said to be the most difficult in Singapore MasterChef history and was presided over by none other than esteemed pastry chef Janice Wong as guest judge.

Masterchef Singapore S4 winner - Supertree Grove
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The contestants were tasked with faithfully re-creating the chef’s 10-layer dessert (Super Tree Grove) of a guava plum core encased in cocoa butter and coconut mousse.

Singh’s hilarious comments on the multi-layered construction might reflect some of our opinions on these overly artsy dishes, ”The entire dessert is confusing. I don’t know why people construct desserts like this.”

Despite his (perceived) less than stellar performance, the cross-section of his artpiece wow-ed even the judges and earned him a cheery ballroom dance with MasterChef Judge Damian in celebration.

Masterchef Singapore S4 winner - Inderpal's dishes
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Throughout the 10-episode run, Singh’s goal has been clear — to bring Punjabi cuisine into the limelight. In the challenges leading up to the last round, he opted to showcase the richness of Punjabi culture. The standout was his appetiser Chaat Attack, made from Amritsari fish with aloo tikki, chutney and yoghurt, and the main dish of Methi Tinga of fenugreek prawns served alongside cranberry and pistachio pilaf.

Masterchef Singapore S4 winner - MasterChef Inderpal Singh
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Now that he holds the coveted title of MasterChef, let’s hope we get to see Inderpal Singh’s culinary ventures with Punjabi cuisine very soon. After he’s had ample time celebrating the victory with his family, of course.

The likeable home business owner also left a touching message to his daughter in the season’s closing moments, in which he reminded her to never give up on her passion.

To watch the epic showdown or catch up on MasterChef Singapore’s previous seasons, visit the meWatch website.

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