Maszlee rejects demand to step down as IIUM president

Manirajan Ramasamy and Nadia Hamid
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    He is too busy making UIA the Oxford of muslim countries but forgets to improve basic education systems delivery to the people , another one bits the dust ,deemed not qualified earlier now it is fully proven
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    It appears that Maszlee wants to be a crony of Mahathir, who reportedly offered him this post after Anwar rejected it, so that he can please the sultan and IIUM board. But Malaysians don't want cronies so Maszlee better get out of the government. Then everyone will see whether Maszlee is really so good for IIUM if he were not the Education Minister.
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    Judging his performance for the merely 4 months position as a MOE, it's quite certain that he's very good in academic but not politician.
    Since currently he's the most qualified and come with the sense of duty to bring the U which once brought him up back to their glorious day, we shouldn't ask him to refuse that appointment. It's not good to kill the ambitious of a young man who have a dream. We should let him try.
    But it's no good for him to divide his time between university and MOE. And that he shouldn't forget he needs to allocate another for his pledge to serve the people in his constituency who voted him as a parliament member.
    Thus for good concentration, His job as the president of U should be a fulltime job and he should subsequently resign from all politics, should it be the MOE or member of parliament.
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    If it is wrong and rules have to be amended so it never happens again "after 5 years", it is wrong now. You are not the only guy who knows how to wear a sarong, so please... do the right thing.
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    Who are you to make this university the oxford of anything? Egoistic, lack of grey matter elevated to a position that is way beyond your capabilities - check on the black shoes and school bags - after 4 months that is your contribution?
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    Quote:"....serving as International Islamic University Malaysia (IIUM) president despite calls for him to step down within seven days." Unquote, please choose one of two positions but not both, and focus all your energy on one fully and wholeheartedly, greed knows no limit.
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    So power thirst this man. One person wants to hold two demanding posts. How do you split your time? Also isn't there a conflict of interest when you are one particular school's president at the same time an education minister who controls all the schools in Malaysia? Wouldn't you have bias towards other schools? If you love to be the president please resign from minister's post. Don't be overly ambitious one day you will lose all.
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    Maszlee is fast falling in the chasm of the mentality of the UMNO-BN regime. It just goes to show that power and the spot light can blind even the nicest leader. If he keeps both of these positions, sadly he will remembered and go down in history for the wrong reasons. How sad when people lose sight of the light when there is a brighter temptation before them.
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    Where is the lighter bags for primary kids you talk a lot but nothing is happening.
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    There is no else who can do the job besides him? Unbelievable ego.