Maszlee says will remain as IIUM president to return university to glory days

Emmanuel Santa Maria Chin
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    while having authority over a nationwide education...why hold one special interest in one of the many tertiary education institutions.. will there be any bias decision when making a nationawide decision on education directions and all the directives etc? THIS ADDS MORE BURDEN ONTO HIMSELF as now he needs to be totally transparent on every decision then made as minister...
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    Please resign as education minister or else also be president of every university in the country.
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    Please define glory days so that we know if you succeed or failed.
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    Improve the education system before talking of bringing IIUM back to its glory days.
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    Minister Mazlee,
    Will you accept the chair for a salary of RM1.00 per month, or at least donate your monthly salary to some charitable organizations every month ? If you will, I will have no objection to your acceptance of the chair and will not question your motive since it will be very clear to all of us. On the other hand, if you are unwilling to donate nor accept a largely reduced salary for your position at IIUM, then, we are entitled to assume that you did so in return for pecuniary benefits and not as what you would like us to believe.
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    Politics and education should not mix; the more so now that one is on the Governing side.
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    Can you guarantee Malaysian will receive the best education system if you have other post n agenda to attend be examplamentary or this will be the start of Minister w other portfolios
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    Maszlee is a sub par Minister. After so many problems surfacing related to his ministry, now we are seeing another side of him where his greed for position, title and power is clearly seen here....Maszlee you are no super human, keep your focus on the ball, ie the improvement of the level and standard of national education rather than just shouting out slogans for the entire time you have been a minister...
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    Sarcastic Bro
    Glory glory hallelujah
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    What is glory day of IIUM , ask Zakir Naik to conduct bom making class