Mat Hussin fought the communists for three years without pay

Mohammad Ishak

JERTIH: Mat Hussin Senik worked for three years without pay protecting the country from the communists. The ‘warrior’ from Kampung Padang Luas said even though he was not given any salary, he was willing do his duty in order to maintain the security of the nation. It all started in 1959 while he was he was working as a security guard at a rail station in Kampung Geris, Kuala Kerai, Kelantan for three years and was only given free food and drinks from the authorities.

During his tenure in the police force, he received the National Heroes Service Medal (PJPN) award from the government. (Pic by MOHAMMAD ISHAK)

The former home guard said he and a few other friends were requested to serve as a team and they were deployed to guard the rail station because communists at that time often vandalize the railways, stopping the commuting locals. “I guarded the rail station and was sometimes assigned to track communists in the forest,” said the 76-year old at his house today. Although he didn’t get any payment like other safety personnel such as the police and the military, home guard duty is similar to both jobs. Mat Hussin joined the home guard because he was asked to help the national armed forces as a backup team to fight the communists which are active in Kelantan and Terengganu. Home Guard or the local security team is a volunteer organisation that plays a big role in safeguarding the then Tanah Melayu during the emergency in 1948. “We also set up road blocks around the country to prevent communists from moving their basic needs, such as food, medicine, clothes and weapons to reach their bases,” he added. The Home Guard was established by the British and disbanded after the emergency ended on 31 July 1960. During the Indonesia-Malaysia confrontation beween 1963 and 1965, the team was re-established to assist the security forces in preventing illegal landings and infiltration from Indonesia and was later disbanded after the confrontation ended. After the May 13 1969 riots, the country's leaders realized the need for a regular voluntary team to assist the government in addressing security problems and threats. Mat Hussin said after serving in the Home Guard, he was then offered to serve in the Royal Malaysian Police to uphold the country's sovereignty against the communists. During his tenure in the police force, he received the National Heroes Service Medal (PJPN) award from the government. "The best time in my life was when I received the special award in conjunction with the Besut District Level National Day celebrations in 2011," said Mat Hussin.

Mat Hussin Senik, (standing three from right) with fellow police forces against the communists. (Pic by MOHAMMAD ISHAK)

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