MCA Balakong candidate slams 'samseng' act of removing campaign materials

Esther Landau

BALAKONG: MCA Balakong by-election candidate Tan Chee Teong expressed his dissapointment over the alleged removal of the party's campaign matetials by irresponsible individuals.

In a press conference, here today, Tan claimed that more than 100 campaign materials such as banners and posters were removed.

He also claimed that 80 per cent of the materials taken down were located in areas like Sungai Chua and Kampung Baru Kwang Tung.

"We put up the campaign materials on Wednesday in the Kampung Baru Kwang Tung and Sungai Chua area.

"When we passed by the area for a walkabout programme yesterday, we noticed that the banners and posters have been taken down by some irresponsible people.

"This act is unacceptable and it is an act of "samseng"," he said.

When asked whether he has identified the irresponsible individuals, he declined to comment.

Tan, however, hinted that the act was committed by another political party.

Tan also said he would lodge a complaint with the Election Commission (EC) as well as the Coalition for Free and Fair Elections (Bersih 2.0) on the matter.

He added that he may lodge a police report if the same situation persisted.

"This samseng act should stop. We want to carry out a clean election campaign agenda.

"My advice is to compete in a good and fair way. But, by doing this, is this how you show democracy?

"I really hope there is a 'courteous' battle or meeting between both parties competing for this by-election. We need to show respect and responsibility towards each other," he added. © New Straits Times Press (M) Bhd