MCA to Kian Ming : Don't be ridiculous to suggest the abolishment of Bumiputera rights

Audrey Dermawan

GEORGE TOWN: Deputy International Trade and Industry Minister Dr Ong Kian Ming should not be ridiculous to suggest that MCA wants the government to abolish Bumiputera rights.

MCA publicity spokesman Datuk Seri Ti Lian Ker said when MCA vice-president Datin Paduka Chew Mei Fun urged the DAP secretary-general to stop the Pakatan Harapan government from organising or initiating the proposed 2018 Congress on the Future of Bumiputeras & the Nation, she was merely reminding DAP and Lim Guan Eng of what he had declared earlier – that he is not a Chinese but a Malaysian.

Ti said under the New Malaysia, and the new PH government, the people were promised governance on merits and a level playing ground.

He added that definitely, the new government was not voted in or given a mandate by 90 per cent of Chinese voters to initiate another Bumiputera-centric governance under Prime Minister Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad.

“(Ong) Kian Ming, who was formerly our MCA staff and researcher in our think-tank INSAP, should know better that it was DAP who had questioned, criticised and wanted to remove Barisan Nasional-introduced Bumiputera policies under Dr Mahathir’s 22 years rule then.

“It was MCA who had then defended the initiatives taken to assist the Bumiputera, which was in turn, heavily criticised by DAP.

“MCA would also like to thank (Ong) Kian Ming for his years of service in helping MCA to defend these Bumiputera policies initiated under Dr Mahathir’s rule then,” he said today.

Ti said, now after 60 years, the people had voted DAP to govern a new Malaysia with the hope and expectation that we would move forward on a more progressive Malaysian-centric administration, focusing on nation building instead of organising a race-based Bumiputera Congress initiated by a DAP-dominated government.

He said the DAP had over the years built a track record of attacking MCA on all the institutions, programmes and policies favouring Bumiputera in line with the Constitution.

“(Ong) Kian Ming should remind the DAP leadership of their promises to the Chinese and help explain MCA’s concerns of a Bumiputera Congress at this juncture to the PH government instead of being lame by suggesting the abolishment of Bumiputera rights.

“He has cunningly passed the buck to MCA in an attempt to white wash DAP’s previous anti-Bumiputera stance, now that they have sneakily obtained a semblance of Malay support by using the PKR party symbol in the last general election.

“Is DAP now of the opinion that BN have not done enough for the Bumiputera, and all this while, DAP was wrong in opposing BN’s efforts in helping them? Thus, the need for a PH government initiative to have a Bumiputera Congress whereas their focus and promises in all their electoral campaigns have always been non-racial? he questioned.

Ong, at the campaign trail for the ongoing Balakong by-election, had questioned whether MCA was of the opinion that the government should abolish the Bumiputera rights when they urged Lim to stop the Bumiputera Congress. © New Straits Times Press (M) Bhd