Mean comments leave Singapore TikTok user in tears after she flaunted first ‘luxury’ Charles & Keith bag

UPDATE: ‘No place for bullying’: Charles & Keith on TikTok user who got mocked for branding bag as ‘luxury’

TikTok trolls can really be so mean. When user @Zohtaco, also known as Zoe, put up a video thanking her dad for her “first luxury bag” from local fashion brand Charles & Keith, she did not expect the reaction she received.

Although most of the troll comments have appeared to be gone, the main TikTok posted on Sunday that got the tongues gagging still appears in the comment section, with over 5,000 likes.

To date, the viral video racked up 4.6million views on TikTok.

Gift from dad

In the video, 17-year-old Zoe wrote in the caption ‘thank you dad’ and it featured her receiving a minimalist black handbag from the brand.

The TikTok community was also quick to defend her against the trolls but it was apparent that the negative comments had affected her that she had to put up a reply video to user @Cressy’s comment.

In the video, Zoe opened up and shared her humble upbringing and how her family did not have a lot growing up. She also talked about how even buying something from Breadtalk was considered luxury.

“Your comment spoke volumes on how ignorant you seem because of your wealth,” she said.

She added, “To you an S$80 bag may not be a luxury but for me and my family, it is a lot.

She appeared to be tearful when she mentioned that she was grateful her dad was able to buy her the bag as he had “worked so hard” for the money.

Even in materialistic Singapore, there are also some good eggs who empathized with her story and was happy for her.

Spotlight on dad

You might think this is a trivial matter but on the TikTok-verse, the saga spawned five videos related to the “luxury bag”.

Perhaps the most wholesome one from the series was a Dad Appreciation video after users started complimenting Zoe’s father for raising her well and to be appreciative of what she has.

Zoe gave what the people wanted and responded with a slideshow of pictures of her father.

C&K is everyone’s first luxury bag

We already know people can get mean on social media but if there’s anything to learn from this drama, it’s that everyone’s first expensive – ahem, luxury – bag is from Charles & Keith.

And in that moment, the whole of Singapore was united.

Who is gonna tell @Cressy?

FYI, Charles & Keith is in fact a fashion house and luxury goods company founded in 1996 in Singapore.

In 2011, the owners sold a 20% stake to LVMH’s (also known as Moët Hennessy Louis Vuitton) private equity arm, L Captial Asia, for more than US$30 million.

Since then, the chain has expanded across more than 30 countries with approximately 700 stores worldwide.

But to be honest, no one should let anybody else define what luxury is to you.

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