Everyone On The Internet Is Talking About "Mean Girls," This Viral Kiss, And Drama In FoodTok

Hello, fellow internet explorers! Welcome back to Chronically Online, where we break down the latest memes, TikTok trends, and viral moments that are buzzing around in your phone.

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First up we've got the reunion everyone's talking about: the iconic Walmart ad featuring the (almost) full cast of Mean Girls.

Twitter: @notgwendalupe

But the absence of one Regina George (played by the lovely Rachel McAdams) was definitely noted, and Twitter wasn't afraid to point it out.

Twitter: @TheBaddestMitch

Meanwhile on TikTok, beloved food critic Keith Lee had people talking about the food industry in Atlanta after he visited restaurants there and had multiple negative experiences.

His honest videos ended up sparking a big debate about Atlanta's food scene, with most people backing Keith up. But some of the restaurants he called out responded and it isn't exactly the *best* look.

Twitter: @_duchessk

In funnier news, a viral video from a halloween-themed night might be my new favorite thing on the internet. Between the background song and the shocked faces...it's a work of art.

Lastly, Billie Eilish debuted a new hair color via her Instagram story and, uh, it's interesting! Everyone on Twitter seemed to think so, as they all made the same joke.

Twitter: @patjrogers

Twitter: @tattooedsaturn

And now, the part where we round up the last few enjoyable things around the internet.

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Embrace: The Millennial nostalgia.

Twitter: @PopCulture2000s

Make: Your bed like a pro (okay, we wish).

Use: Up that leftover Halloween candy. As if we have any...

Practice: Some serious self care this weekend.

Twitter: @contextdogs

And that's a wrap for this week! Go forth and enjoy some grass touching time. Bye!