Mediacorp takes disciplinary action against cameraman who made sexist remarks

The Mediacorp Campus building. (Photo: Facebook/Mediacorp)

Singapore broadcaster Mediacorp has taken disciplinary action against a cameraman accused of making sexist remarks to a former employee, and is investigating allegations of inappropriate conduct against other employees.

A Mediacorp spokesman told local media on Tuesday (10 Oct), “We have concluded that the allegations are valid and have taken the necessary disciplinary action against the staff who had made the inappropriate remarks.”

Mediacorp said the specific disciplinary action was “confidential information”. Last Thursday, Mediacorp said it was investigating a claim by former Channel NewsAsia (CNA) producer Juwon Park that a colleague made sexist remarks directed at her.

Park, a producer for the finance show Money Mind, alleged that a colleague had said she could not be a presenter “because I have no boobs” and “girls shouldn’t be too smart for their own good” and that she “should act dumb”. She reproduced screenshots from an alleged Whatsapp conversation with said colleague, who claimed “it’s how the industry works”.

‘Discouraged from going to HR’

After Park’s complaints went public, other staff members had reported inappropriate conduct against the current affairs cameraman and two freelancers who work in the same unit as him, Mediacorp said.

Park said in a Facebook post on Tuesday evening that additional allegations were brought forth by five other producers. She said she hoped that her highlighting this incident “prompts more open culture and dialogue within the company”.

Park added, “I think this is very important because I was repeatedly discouraged from going to HR with my past complaints. And that should not happen anymore. Everyone deserves to feel safe and respected at work – regardless of their age, gender, sexuality or ethnicity.”

According to the Mediacorp spokesman, Park had already tendered her resignation in September and left the company after serving a shortened notice period. Park said that she will be leaving Singapore soon.

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