MediEvil godfather and legendary PlayStation dev sells "most comprehensive and complete" game development archive amid cost of living crisis


The co-creator of PS1 cult classic MediEvil says he's selling his "entire archive of art and gameplay design" for the game due to ongoing financial difficulties.

In a thread earlier today, Jason Wilson (also known as Jay Gunn), documented what he claims is a sale of "perhaps the most comprehensive and complete development archive of game development," with documents and drawings "from initial pitch through all stages of development."

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Wilson says he's selling the archive "due to changes in my personal life" and his difficulty traversing "the protracted situation trying to obtain video-game work." Outlining interview processes that can take several months to complete, Wilson says that "the problem I am facing with game design roles is that my career has spanned art direction, lead game design, concept art, creative director and producer." That "eclectic" career "tends to confuse" hiring managers, and between those interviews and the cost of living crisis in the UK, Wilson says he's "in trouble."

Wilson says that he's saddened to sell the collection, and that "the cost of such a collection will not be cheap." Some fans have suggested he publish the designs in an artbook to raise money, but Sony, not Wilson, own the rights to the game - that book would fall foul of IP law, and even if Sony made it, Wilson would get no royalties.

Responses to Wilson's thread have expressed sympathy and sadness that the archive will have to be sold. While there are any number of places it could end up, it's clear that the collection is the dream for game preservationists or design museums. Hopefully that's where it'll end up.

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