Medvedev threatens space war with US in response to new sanctions

Medvedev starts rattling his guns again
Medvedev starts rattling his guns again

Dmitry Medvedev, a prominent Kremlin spokesperson, reacted sharply on Telegram to new restrictions that halted currency trading on the Moscow Exchange on June 13.

Unable to match the economic prowess of the United States, Medvedev resorted to threatening rhetoric, vowing to arm terrorist regimes and criminal groups opposed to the West with unlimited weaponry.

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Medvedev escalated his threats by declaring a "space war" against the United States, intensifying his stance with provocative language. "They fear a war in space? They will get it," Medvedev stated, further cursing, "Let everything stop for them, let everything go wrong, let everything go to shit."

This outburst comes in response to increased international pressures and sanctions impacting Russia's financial systems and reflects a continuation of the aggressive posture adopted by Russian officials in the geopolitical arena.

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