Meerut: Over 2 lakh people due for 2nd dose of COVID vaccine, says CMO

Meerut (UP), Sep 22 (ANI): Over 2 lakh people have not taken their second dose of COVID-19 vaccination in Meerut, said Chief Medical Officer Dr Akhilesh Mohan."More than 2 lakh people are due to take their second COVID-19 vaccine dose," he told ANI on Tuesday. Reiterating the need to pace up the vaccination coverage in the city, the Chief Medical Officer urged people to come forward and take their second dose of the vaccine."We have done good work in administering the first dose of COVID-19 vaccine. People are having indifferent attitudes towards taking their second jab. I urge people, who are due to take their second dose, to go to vaccination centres and get inoculated," said Mohan.

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