Meet ‘Bagel’, Pulau Ubin’s stray dog who is everyone’s friend and guide on the island

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Pulau Ubin may be home to some amazing wildlife but there’s one furry creature that become a particular favorite among visitors.

In a video shared on TikTok by user @lapindise, she wrote that the stray dog was “so fearless and a sweetie to the campers around”.

She added that the brown-black dog helped chase away monkeys who were invading the campsite.

The adorable pup can be seen looking calm and happy, receiving pats and massages from her. She revealed that she gave the dog a temporary name – Bagel – for a day as he tagged along with the group.

Others chipped in to say that they recognized the dog from their own visit – and he is indeed well-loved by the community.

It is unclear how many stray dogs there are on the island but judging from its appearance, “Bagel” seems to be related to the beloved island dog Kopi O who sadly was killed in a hit-and-run a few years back.

Kopi O had two other siblings, Teh C and Teh O. His fans even created a portrait of him in his honor and many traveled to Pulau Ubin to pay their respects when he died.

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