Meet DJ Shields: The Texan Who’s Looking to Turn Sports Fans Into Investors

Limitless Sports Picks
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Limitless Sports Picks

Limitless Sports Picks
Limitless Sports Picks
Limitless Sports Picks

Dallas, Texas, Oct. 23, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Everyone Loves Watching Sports

Millions of people love watching sports. Family traditions, outing events, and pastimes often revolve around watching a sporting event. Now, what if it were possible to make money watching your sporting favorite sporting event? Imagine turning on the TV and watching your favorite player score and because of that you win money. Most people would think this is only a dream, but for DJ Shields, the creator of sports consultancy Limitless Sports Picks, this dream is a reality thanks to his company that aims to turn sports fans into investors. \

Wake Up! Opportunity is here!

This might be the most important wake up call you’ve come across! Investment firm Morgan Stanley predicts the U.S. sports betting market will generate between 2.5 billion and 7 billion in revenue by 2025. With the promise of value in this high growth market -- investors should not only look at sports betting as an investment opportunity, but as an investment vehicle that can generate compounded cash flow!

A True Texan Sports Consultant - With Texan Values

Born and raised in a small town in Texas, Shields has grown up playing three sports through his athletic career. In high school, he was a four year starter on his high school baseball team accredits his success with sports consulting to his athletic experience.

“I’ve always been a competitor,” remarked Shields, who has watched and analyzed sports games since he was 18 years old thanks to his former car dealership manager, Craig Edmonds, who taught him how to properly analyze and make money in sports.

“Playing years of sports has given me sound intuition to pick the right plays and spot value that others may not see... That is my edge and I want to give this value to my clients.”

Applied Intuition. Green Bay Packers vs Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Shield’s intuition helped him spot value in the recent matchup between the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and the Green bay Packers on October 18th, 2020. Prior to the game, Shields gave his clients a pick to side with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers money line although Green Bay was the favorite to win.

“I know how fiery Brady is and it’s rare that he loses twice” Shield’s remarked. “When I gave out this pick, my clients had major doubts around the outcome, but for those that listened to me we came out victorious. The Buccaneers beat the Packers 38 to 10. ”

The Winning Strategy

Winning in general is simple, but never easy. A concept Shields understands and works arduous hours analyzing spreads, matchups, injury reports, weather and other minute variables to find the best value for himself and his clients.

“I know there are sports consultants out there who are in it for the ‘cash grab’. A lot of people will embellish their stats or give two different picks so half their clients win and half their clients lose while advertising the winning pick... This can be a shady industry and I want to be known as someone who is 100% transparent. When I win - my clients win. When I lose - my clients lose. It’s that simple.”

We Win and Lose Together

Each Pick Shields gives to his clients are the ones he is personally on. In other words, each win and each loss is shared amongst himself and his clients. This methodology has allowed Shields to run one of the most accountable sports consulting firms with an emphasis on customer service and satisfaction.

Shields’ current documented record is 150-41 in all sports since September 1st, 2020. New clients are flocking to his Instagram page to see what all the hype is about around a win percentage greater than 75%!

On a typical day Shields posts 3-4 times a day to keep his clients and audience updated with a less than 24 hour response time. To get started, go to the Instagram page here: @limitlesspicks4u and send a message referencing this article and he will send you the top 3 things every sports bettor should know to become a successful sports investor. As an extra bonus, Shields has offered a limited time promotional code exclusive to our readers YAHOO20 to receive an exclusive 20% discount. Get started now to get ahead of the game!

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