Meet the factions of Fallout: London, from King Arthur cosplayers to the 'a bit fascist' Fifth Column

 A british guard firing a gun.
A british guard firing a gun.

Now that Starfield is out, we realize with sinking hearts that it'll be years before we get another new Bethesda RPG. Not to worry: there are some highly ambitious mod projects for Bethesda games on the horizon, like Skyblivion, which is recreating Oblivion in Skyrim's engine, and Skywind, which is doing something similar with Morrowind.

And of course there's Fallout: London, a massive Fallout 4 mod that takes us across the pond to see how the apocalypse has treated merry old England. Giving us one of the biggest looks at the mod yet, the Fallout: London modding team just released a 10-minute video to introduce the various factions and gangs roaming the streets of post-apocalyptic London. Check it out below.

It sounds like the most powerful faction in London is the Gentry—made of wealthy aristocrats who have somehow managed to cling to power and wealth despite a couple hundred years of radiation and decay. They even still serve a queen, though she apparently hasn't been seen in public for a while. Considering the Fallout: London mod team dropped plans for a Ghoul Queen Elizabeth, I'm now doubly curious how the monarchy will appear in the mod.

Supporting the Gentry are the Tommies, heavily armed and armored foot soldiers dedicated to maintaining the status quo. Will you fight 'em? Join 'em? Bit of both? I'd love to take down the power structure, but it is tempting to become a snooty nobleman and set myself up in the palace with an army at my disposal.

Looking to wrest power from the Gentry are a few different groups. The faction of Camelot base themselves on King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table, even down to wearing medieval gear and using swords. Camelot is committed to bringing a more democratic system to London—though in legend, Arthur wasn't so much elected as just pulled a sword out of a rock, which makes me wonder if his Fallout: London counterpart is truly dedicated to democracy.

There's also the Fifth Column, described in the video as "a bit fascist" and aiming to overthrow the Gentry. The Fifth Column looks to me like the London version of New Vegas's Caesar's Legion, so if you want to pal around with them, be prepared to get really evil.

Gangs prowl the city turf as well, from the powerful and influential Isle of Dogs Syndicate to the Vagabonds, who used to be a top gang but have fallen on hard times. And still smaller groups like punks, skinheads, Beefeaters (beef isn't all they eat, so watch your step), and even a naval-themed gang whose HQ is in the Cutty Sark.

It looks like a colorful collection of factions and gangs to meet, battle and/or join. The only question is: when will you get to do it? Fallout: London is still claiming it will release this year, though we are rapidly running out of 2023. Fingers crossed it won't get delayed.