Meet Kiki World, the Beauty Platform Democratizing Skincare

When it comes to skincare, picking the right product for your skin needs can be an overwhelming process. We've all made skincare product purchases and have just hoped for the best that it works out for our skin. However, amidst this predicament, beauty brand disruptor KIKI World, offers a new way of shopping by having its community decide what products are made.

For beauty brand and tech platform, KIKI World, inclusion and community driven decision making is at the core of their community. Since 2023, KIKI members have created a variety of beauty products including Pretty Nail Graffiti, a peel-able nail polish, SOS Stickers, tapping into the blemish product market, and more, choosing the color, scent and performance features.

Now, with the "skinification" of makeup on the rise, the brand is introducing its first-ever skincare product, the Skin Development Kit, in partnership with Mary Berry Cosmos Labs, a pioneer in clean beauty and product development, and you (of course). KIKI World members will now have the chance to participate in three rounds of decision-making to create the brand's first-ever skincare product with the assistance of Mary Berry.

Additionally, the perks of joining a decentralized community, such as KIKI World, are the rewards that come with voting each time. The more one votes, the more product development feedback and notes they'll be asked.

Voting starts now at the brand's website.

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