Meet the new 'Southern Charm New Orleans' cast in drama-filled first trailer

Get ready to spill the sweet tea in New Orleans.

In a trailer for Bravo’s new reality spin-off series Southern Charm New Orleans, shared exclusively with PEOPLE, viewers meet a whole new cast of friends who come from prominent families and live out fabulous lives in the Louisiana city known for its fine food, soulful music and wild times.

“My friends are more than boobs, beads and booze,” Justin Reese says in the clip. “My circle is well-to-do, easy on the eyes, and most of all, well-connected. Though we all have our different beliefs, we all manage to be a big melting pot of gumbo around here.”

Though the trailer promises plenty of drama as shocking secrets are revealed within the long-standing friendships and fights ensue over dinner, Reese promises, “Our friendships are resilient, just like this city.” Meet the cast of the new series:

Tamica Lee

The socialite is the face of New Orleans entertainment news and a mother of two. Though she struggles to find balance between work and her home life, as well as cultural identity in her family, she takes it all in stride and says confidently in the trailer, “I do everything.”

Barry Smith

Smith is married to Lee and is thriving as an entrepreneur. He struggles to confront the tensions in his marriage and friendships, and he ultimately faces social and professional consequences after an outburst. “I like everyone until they give me a reason not to like them,” he says.

Justin Reese

Reese may be used to having his hands full with several business ventures, but when it comes to his love life, the pressure to take things to the next level with his girlfriend might prove to be too much. “I’m a little bit of a momma’s boy,” he says. “I definitely want to get married. I’m not running, but I’m also not sprinting.”

Jeff Charleston

Charleston spent nine years playing professional football — and four of those years with the New Orleans Saints. Now retired, he’s facing early signs of issues related to football. He and wife Reagan might not have kids yet, but he says, “I love our dogs.”

Reagan Charleston

Married to Charleston, Reagan is focused on living life on her own terms, including with her unorthodox approach to marriage. Since her family has been in New Orleans since the 1700’s, she says, “I guess that’s why I can drink so much. It’s in the blood.”

Jon Moody

Moody has made a name for himself in the art world, and he refuses to let anything get in the way of his ambition. “My swag is confidence,” he says. “My cologne is confidence.”

Southern Charm New Orleans premieres April 15 at 9 p.m. ET on Bravo.