Meet Vivaldi, the all-in-one browser for surfing the web, managing email and RSS feeds

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The Vivaldi is increasingly lining itself up as an alternative to Chrome.

The very latest version of the Norwegian alternative web browser, Vivaldi now lets users surf the internet while also managing their e-mail, calendar and RSS feeds, all via the same platform. All these tools are integrated into a single program that is geared towards user privacy and data protection.

This new update is the most significant in the history of Vivaldi, a web browser originally launched in 2015 to woo disgruntled Opera users unhappy with the browser's evolution. Once the preserve of IT geeks, Vivaldi could well seduce a wider audience with these new and highly practical features, all condensed into a single tool.

Through a dedicated tab, Vivaldi now offers its own integrated mailbox, allowing users to manage all or some of their accounts in a single, perfectly secure interface. Note that those who wish can even create a new account with Vivaldi.

As its name suggests, Vivaldi Calendar is on hand for managing events with private or shared appointments. Meanwhile, the Vivaldi Feed Reader tab offers a traditional RSS feed reader tool, allowing easy access to content from indexed sites. And, on top of that, Vivaldi now integrates a translation service, powered by Lingvanex. With one click, users can translate entire web pages into around 50 languages.

Each of these new tools essentially offers an alternative to services provided by Google, making Vivaldi a genuine alternative to Chrome, with the added advantage of boosted privacy. Indeed, Vivaldi guarantees that it does not have access to its users' data. It also integrates automatic blocking for ad trackers, thanks to DuckDuckGo's "Tracker Radar" technology and its real-time list of the most widespread trackers.

All of this naturally comes in addition to existing features, such as grouping pages in the same tab, taking notes or generating QR codes.

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David Bénard