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Die Herzogin von Sussex präsentiert der Welt am 8. Mai 2019 ihr erstes Kind

Die frisch gebackene Mutter bewies, dass sie die Macht ihrer Garderobe kennt: Um der Welt Baby Archie zu präsentieren wählte sie ein Trenchkleid mit Gürtel der Nachwuchsdesignerin Grace Wales Bonner. Meghan wurde weltweit dafür gelobt, dass sie in diesem Outfit ihren noch vorhandenen Babybauch zeigte. [Foto: Getty]

Meghan Markle’s style: Duchess of Sussex’s best outfits since joining Royal Family

Danielle Fowler
Freelance Writer

Since joining the royal family, the Duchess of Sussex has only further cemented her status as the world's most famous fashion muse.

Gone are the days of cross-body bags, draped-over-the-shoulder blazers and ripped jeans in favour of more Kensington Palace-approved neutral hues, skirt suits and the little black dress.

Though she's stayed true to her sartorial taste with go-to labels including Stella McCartney, Givenchy and Victoria Beckham.

Further flexing her fashion know-how, Meghan Markle even managed to pull off nine months worth of covetable maternity looks weighing in at an estimated £478,920 in total (that's around £6,385 per outfit).

From her diplomatic royal tour wardrobe to a surprising love of British high street labels, take a look back at our favourite Duchess of Sussex looks to date.