Megyn Kelly revealed through tears the unexpected response to her dog Basha dying

Heather Gardner
Video Producer, Yahoo Entertainment

On Monday, Megyn Kelly paused on Megyn Kelly Today to share sad news: Her dog, Basha, had died. Through tears the TV host explained that Basha had been part of her family for 14 years.

“It was super sad,” she told the audience. “And to me, it was just a reminder of how much these little creatures can mean to us, how close we get to them. I know some people would say, like, ‘it’s just a dog,’ but it’s been a really emotional weekend.”

Kelly, who’s often the subject of harsh criticism online, said the opposite occurred after announcing Basha’s death on Twitter on Friday.

“You know, Twitter can be so nasty, but it was so lovely these past couple of days. I’m so grateful for all the kindness that I received from everyone. To me, it’s sort of fitting that this dog, that brought so much joy into my life, so much love, on her way out sort of added more.”

Kelly added that her three kids, Yardley, Thatcher, and Edward, took their pet’s death hard but were doing all right, all things considered. She said Basha’s death makes her even more grateful for her many blessings, including her son Thatcher, who celebrated his fifth birthday today.

“I lost one little dog, and my little guy’s five today, and I’m so blessed to have my three kids. They mean so much to me.”

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