Melaka woman reunited with cherished RM10 note, thanks to kind woman and social media

Mark Ryan Raj
The touching inscription left on the RM10 note is sure to make anyone feel a little sad, let alone the owner who lost it, which is exactly why Hyza had to return it. — Picture via Facebook/Hyza Ezany

PETALING JAYA, Dec 3 — Losing a token or memento that you treasure can be extremely upsetting.

Especially when that prized possession is something that a loved one gave to you, right before they died.

So when Facebook user Hyza Ezany came upon an RM10 note with a heart-wrenching note written on it, she just had to find out who it belonged to, so that she could return it to them as she explained in her post.

Hyza, who hails from Melaka, said that she was looking for the rightful owner of the note, who inscribed a short memoir on it saying “The last cash given by dad on May 21, 2010, Friday 7.10 am. I love you Dad.”

Hyza pleaded with social media users to keep sharing her post until its owner could be found, as she teared up when she read the short inscription on it.

“I’m looking for the owner of this note, I want to give it back to them. Please help me share it until they are found!” wrote Hyza.

“Thank you everyone who is willing to help me. My eyes teared up when I read what was written on it and I feel that the owner must be looking for it everywhere.”

Social media users obliged as the post has since been shared over 25,000 times, with over 8,000 likes, as everyone was eager to help and find out who the note belonged to.

For all Hyza and the thousands of social media users efforts, they eventually got their reward, as Facebook user Anne Malar Yesudass was discovered to be its rightful owner.

Anne came across the post and was filled with joy as she finally found the “most valuable thing” in her life after it was stolen more than a year ago.

She explained that the RM10 note was the last thing her father ever gave her when he dropped her off at school in the morning some nine years ago, as he met with a fatal accident later that day.

“I found the person holding on to this, thank you so so much, it was the most valuable thing in my life, thank you so much,” wrote Anne.

“This was given to me by my dad on May 21, 2010. I was 17 years old at that time, he gave me the RM10 when he sent me to school that morning at 7.10am.

“Unfortunately, that was the last day and last time I met him in my life, he met with an accident and that day and returned to our Lord.”

She added that she had kept hold of the RM10 note ever since, but was left heartbroken when she lost it as her purse was stolen at a camp she was attending in Melaka last year.

“I’ve kept it with me in my purse ever since until September 1, 2018, when my purse was stolen. I was not sad that my purse was stolen but I was terribly sad that this valuable thing in my life was stolen with it,” wrote Anne.

“I always remembered it, there was an ache in my heart whenever I think about it.”

But, thanks to the power of social media, Anne was finally reunited with her loving memento from her father two days ago after her sister sent her a screenshot of the post.

“I was extremely happy to see this, I really feel so blessed. I thank Hyza so much for her kindness in sharing this. The word ‘thank you alone’ is not enough actually, but the only thing I can do is express my gratitude,” wrote Anne.

“Thanks to all the kind-hearted people who shared it and for their thoughtful comments. I love you Appa, I miss you so so much.”

Social media users were so happy for Anne too, as they flooded the comments section with words of love and praise for both Anne and Hyza.

Social media users praise Hyza for her efforts as well as sending messages of love to Anne after being reunited with the note. — Screengrab via Facebook/Anne Malar Yesudass

“God bless you Hyza. I am happy for you Anne. I followed this post and was totally elated that you got your precious memory of your dad back,” wrote one user.

“One of the most beautiful things I have read this year,” wrote another user.

While other users kept it simple, saying that they were proud of Hyza for her effort and that they were equally as happy for Anne, they also reminded her to keep it safe so she would not have to go through that ordeal once again.

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