Melissa McCarthy: My kid needs restraining

Melissa McCarthy

Melissa McCarthy joked her youngest daughter is always “punching” something.

The Bridesmaids star is married to actor Ben Falcone and together they have children Vivian, five, and Georgette, two.

The 42-year-old joked she can't enjoy days out with her husband when her youngest daughter's around.

"Every four or five months, Ben and I are like, 'This'll be great. We'll go to breakfast; she's older,' and then about three and a half minutes in, we're like, 'Why did we do this? Let's just go to the car,' 'cause she's crawling on something and punching,” she laughed to talk show host Ellen DeGeneres.

Melissa then quipped she should invest in a straightjacket which “aggressively restrains her” so she can’t fidget while out and about.

The actress assured Ellen she isn’t the only one who thinks Georgette is difficult to handle, upon which the TV personality suggested she meets the young girl.

"I'll bring her over. You can keep her a couple weeks," Melissa laughed.

The star’s next gig is in comedy Identity Thief, alongside Jason Bateman.

Just like Bridesmaids, it’s full of crude jokes, meaning her children won’t be watching it anytime soon.

"I don't know that my kids for sure know what I do. There is one of these [movie] posters on the way to school and they kind of go, 'Hi, mama,’” she told reporters at the premiere of the film.

"I have little tiny kids so they've seen [TV show] Mike & Molly, but they haven't seen Bridesmaids and they won't see this for a while either.”

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