Will Mellor apologises for 'Strictly' tears

The TV actor was visibly emotional in Saturday night's show after dancing to his late father's favourite song.

He proceeded to apologise for crying in Sunday's results show, speaking directly to his kids through the camera and assuring them he was OK.

Credit: Strictly Come Dancing / BBC / BBC iPlayer

Video transcript

- I know it's been so hard for you. That was for your dad, and it was for your mum, and honestly-- I'm sorry that you're sad, but--

WILL MELLOR: Just can't talk at the moment. Sorry.

- It's OK. Don't worry.

WILL MELLOR: Kids, I'm all right. I'm all right, kids. I'm just-- you know, on mic and emotional, so-- just letting the kids know. They're worried about me.

- Yeah. Daddy's fine. Good luck.