19 Men Called Out The Things Other Men Do That Will Keep Them Single Forever

Recently u/NorthPengyyy asked the men of the Reddit community: "What is something that other men do that makes you say, 'Yeah, they're gonna be single forever'"?

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Welp, men were completely candid and pointed out some major red flags they've noticed in single men.

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So, here are some things men do to women that prove they're doomed to be single forever:

Note: Some submissions include topics of sexual harassment. Please proceed with caution.

1."Always trying to be the toughest man in any situation. I have one guy I know in mind and he claims to have no fears and could take anyone on (but he's just an absolute dick). Reminds me of Cyrus from Trailer Park Boys, but worse and less funny."


2."A dude I know (who is kind of an incel), upon seeing any woman, feels the need to rate them out loud. I'm amazed he hasn't gotten pepper sprayed."


3."They make overtly sexual remarks at inappropriate times to people they do NOT know well enough off for that sort of banter."


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4."Loudly telling women how to be more desirable to men usually without provocation."


"Oh yeah those guys are always fun 🙄. 'You would be so much prettier if you smiled!' Yeah, I’m sure that’s true — but if you didn’t notice, you’re not very good at making me smile my guy. Smh.

I’ve been told by a few guys that I should take my eyebrow studs and my lip stud out to be more attractive, and I always responded that I’m not trying to be attractive to guys like that. I like it, it’s for me and not them, and the guys I wanted to attract were the ones who didn’t want to change me to suit their own standards and liked me as I was (and I found exactly that type of guy).

They should stick to dating woman within their own style preferences because telling a girl, 'You would be so attractive if only you did this' is NOT going to get them laid."


5."They think their flaws are forgivable while the flaws of others aren’t."


6."There is one guy I know will struggle. He's in his twenties, and the only way he can entertain himself is by making loud fart noises with his mouth. I'll be sitting there chatting with another friend, and out of the blue he'll just make this sloppy shart sound with his face and laugh his ass off. You know, I laugh at good poop jokes — when someone has good timing with a fart, I laugh. But this guy literally cannot make a joke, he cannot tell a story, and he cannot enjoy a moment of silence without making fart noises. I'm debating removing him from our discord server that our IRL friends hang out in because he has nothing to say. It's just fart sounds — non-stop fart sounds."


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7."Sending unsolicited dick pics is a good indicator..."


8."When they talk about women's values as if they are commodities. I distanced myself from a very old friend seeing him go off the deep end."


9."Blaming all women for something one woman did."


"If you think: 'Women have it easy,' 'women cheat all the time,' 'women are shallow,' 'women are weak,' and 'women cannot be trusted,' you probably hate women (and that's probably not how you think of it).

Women are just as complex and unique as men — they are not easy to summarize in the fashion of 'a lithe, pointy-eared people who excel at poverty.'"


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10."Assume any platonic signals of friendship are signs of interest, and view women as something 'to be obtained.'"


"Extra bonus if they make a list of things a woman has done and use it to berate her for 'leading them on' or attempt to argue them into believing they must be interested."


11."Not taking any responsibility, and lacking any self-reflection. No one wants an incompetent man-child who thinks they are perfect and unwilling to grow or change."


12."I have a coworker who has 'wonderful' qualities, and who will remain single. He's extremely sexist, and always shits on women he works with (unless he thinks they 'like him' — then he gets really creepy)."


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13."Unrealistic expectations of a partner. She has to do all the interior house work, like cooking and cleaning (he will cut grass and hire people for repairs). Has to be okay with at least three kids and she will do all childcare."


14."The 'nice guy' mentality. You're not a nice person — you just have an inflated ego. Nobody finds it attractive."


15."Any man who starts a sentence with, 'These modern women today...' Dude will never know the touch of a woman, and will be baffled as to why."


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16."I’d say the thing that most keeps men out of long-term, happy relationships tends to be a lack of self-awareness (in however that manifests). And yet, those men will still be married for decades — so idk."


17."Not engage with women. They aren't just going to 'fall out of the sky into your lap' (and in this time of dating apps and social media, it's not going to happen unless you try)."


"I have a friend who is in his forties now and has been whining for years on Facebook that he needs a girlfriend. He won't do anything about it, and won't do anything to make himself more appealing to girls. He expects them to 'come to him.'"


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18."Men who struggle with adapting and think everything has to be done a certain way because it was done that way in the past (or because the bible says so, or because their parents or grandparents did it that way). Sometimes the ways things used to be done just don't make sense in the present context, and you have to able to accept that and change."


19.And: "When they've got an idea of how a relationship should be, and the tiniest things would be dealbreakers for them. No room for error or compromise — just, 'That would be the end for me.' It's clear that they don't understand what it takes to be in a long-term, healthy relationship — they'll turn something that most couples view as 'normal'/'not a big deal' into something that should be seen as disrespectful. This then translates to, 'I won't tolerate disrespect' (even when it's incredibly mundane and not worth batting an eye)."

"Okay, but buddy, you haven't even made it past the starting line yet. Why don't you actually get out there and get a feel for things before you decide what is worth throwing away your entire hypothetical relationship over?"


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Note: Some submissions have been edited for length and/or clarity.