Mercedes-Benz announces the Weekender, a camper van designed for 21st-century glamping

Mercedes-Benz announces their first pop-up camper to date: the Weekender

For the US market, Mercedes-Benz announced a pop-up camper van designed for road trips, summer vacations, and weekend exploration.

Late last week, Mercedes-Benz announced its new Weekender van, a model "harkening back to the glory days of camper vans." With its pop-up camper on the roof, the model offers sleeping space for four. 

The company had three main purposes in mind for the Weekender when designing it: to serve as a comfortable transportation option for extended road trips, as a place to stay during spring and summer vacations, and as a spot to rest after strenuous outdoor activities like climbing or surfing.

Driverge Vehicle Innovations and Peace Vans - the companies behind the development of the model - gave it the features necessary to become the go-to van for traveling. Coming standard on the Weekender is an elevated roof with sleeping space for two, a rear bench that opens up to offer sleeping space for two, and front seats that can swivel back to convert the vehicle interior into a lounge. 

Optional upgrades include additions like integrated solar panels, off-grid power, and an attachable tent.

For now, the Mercedes-Benz Weekender is launching just for the US market. Orders for the model will open up this spring.