MERCO Bank Humanitarian Support and Social Responsibility

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Millions of people are suffering in the world today, and half of these numbers have no hope for survival. The covid-19 pandemic crisis which shocked the world last year means that the poverty rate will continue to rise almost indefinitely. It is estimated by the World Bank that over 2 billion people live in communities and areas that are affected by war, fragility, conflict, and all forms of violence. More than 17% of the world’s population lives in abject poverty and the numbers are said to rise to over 50% come 2030.

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There is a great need for water, health, education, food, communication, or construction services; and the responsibility to lend a helping hand to these communities and areas that urgently require support. This is the only way possible to make the world a better place.

At MERCO bank, we believe that giving back to society and war thorn areas is one of the best ways to make the world better. The fight against humanitarian crises and conflict around the world is not just for NGOs, digital banks like ours also have a role to play in saving lives and helping those in need.

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Humanitarian Support and Corporate Social Responsibility Projects Launched by MERCO bank

As a socially responsible institution, MERCO bank has taken humanitarian support and corporate social responsibility as an integral part of the organization and it remains the core part of our very existence. We are inclined to the distress, suffering, and helplessness in different parts of the world especially on children and people with disabilities. This is why we take pride in contributing to the improvement in the standard of living and facilitating solidarity and community development support around the world.

The philosophy of MERCO bank has always been to make a good impact in the lives of economically, physically, and socially challenged communities in different parts of the world through an integrated and strategic approach of development which places its focus on creating sustainable finances for all.

This is why we created the MERCO Aid Program and several Corporate Social projects that ensure we give back to society.

The MERCO Aid Program was introduced in May 2019, and ever since then we have connected several communities with loans and financial backups to facilitate faster development, and actively participate in nation-wide humanitarian response.

The Support and Corporate Social Responsibility opportunities are geared towards eradicating extreme poverty, encouraging business development and real estate capacity building, job or employment creation, and also supporting the people to achieve inclusive growth and development.

The opportunities can be in the form of offering tailored resources and innovative programs that invest crypto alongside private sector capital, the Community Development Financial Institution (CDFI) Fund serves mission-driven community development funding and empowerment.

MERCO bank promotes financial inclusion and economic development among poorer communities. With a global focus, they seek out those communities that are underserved by the traditional banking sector.

The bank proceeds with its CDFI projects either directly or through partnerships with NGOs, community-based organizations, peer organizations, or any pertinent entity.

Our Humanitarian Support and Corporate Social Responsibility are focused on

1 Poverty alleviation and measures to reduce inequalities

  • Sustainable Finance and Livelihoods

  • Financial Literacy and improvement

  • Access to finance and entrepreneurship development

2 Education and Asset Development

  • Asset development through digital education and training

  • Cryptocurrency education and public awareness

  • Asset and cryptocurrency guide for children and student

3 Environmental sustainability and Community Development

  • Real estate development and management.

  • Renewable energy and emission reduction

4 Sanitation and Healthcare

  • Sanitation and drinking water

  • Healthcare

5 Humanitarian relief

Who We Are

MERCO Bank is a new-age digital bank that aims to empower its customers financially and has provided a platform that is accessible through your smartphones and other smart devices. We help make your life easy, offering you easy, fast, and reliable solutions that are designed not only to meet your banking needs but to also improve the quality of your life. With MERCO bank, you can control where, when, and how your cryptocurrencies yield profit.

In our many years of operation, we have actively contributed to the community in different aspects which comprises real estate development, education, sports, arts and culture, and humanitarian activities which have given us invaluable insights into social and humanitarian issues.

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