Mercy Malaysia provides emergency response to earthquake in Leyte, Philippines


KUALA LUMPUR: Mercy Malaysia will provide emergency response following the earthquake in Leyte, Philippines.

The 6.5 magnitude earthquake on July 6 in Leyte, Philippines, caused major damages in Barangays of Ormoc City particularly upland Barangays including six upland Barangays namely Tongonan, Cabaon-an, Milagro, Lake Danao, Cabintan and Gaas.

Mercy said over 700 aftershocks have been recorded (ranging from magnitude 1.5 to 5.8), including a major aftershock measuring 5.8 magnitude (previously pegged at 5.4) on July 10.

“MERCY Malaysia has been responding to the situation through our Philippines Country Office located in Ormoc since day one.

“The emergency response team from Malaysia, consisting of two (2) team members, our logistics specialist volunteer Mr. Hapis and Programme Officer and team leader Mr. Aizat, have been deployed to Ormoc on Sunday July 16 to join our two (2) other personnel from our Philippines office in order to further enhance our respond efforts to the crisis,” it said in a statement today.