Meta's Horizon Worlds is rolling out on web and mobile

After more than a year and a half in development, Meta is bringing Horizon Worlds out of the headset. The VR social app has started rolling out for some users on web and mobile in early access, Meta said.

By expanding to mobile and web, Horizon Worlds can cater to a much larger user base, instead of only users with a Quest VR headset. But if the platform isn't enjoyable, it won't matter how many devices it can be played on.

Meta has never released any user numbers for the VR version of Horizon Worlds, but reports have shown that the platform is not very populated.

In the game, players embody their virtual avatar and can play games and hang out in "worlds," which are made either by Meta or from users themselves. Users can also create items to sell, but Meta takes a 47.5% cut of sales.

Earlier this year, Horizon Worlds opened to teenage users, a decision that Senators Richard Blumenthal (D-CT) and Ed Markey (D-MA) decried. Teenage users automatically are set to the "garbled voices" setting, which changes the voices of people a teen doesn't know into gibberish.

Most importantly, yes, Meta is working on giving avatars legs.