Meteor Garden Cast: Where Are They Now?

Tynne De Leon


Meteor Garden Cast:

Where Are They Now?

By Tynne De Leon

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Meteor Garden was our first Asian drama love. Remember those days when we would stop whatever it was we’re doing and rush to our TV sets when it’s 4:30 p.m.? Or maybe those times when we sing  the songs from the soundtrack with gibberish lyrics?

It was aired in PH almost fifteen years ago, but as they say, first love never dies. The story and the characters have stayed with us so well, we even remember some iconic lines and kilig moments. Ah, those sweet, old days.

Ever wonder how the actors doing now? Read on to find out:

8. Mary (Vivi) Hsu

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Despite our hate on Dao Ming Si’s family in the drama, her older sister Dao Ming Zhuang has quickly become our favorite for her tough but caring nature. Sadly, we won’t see her in future Meteor Garden reunions since she died six years ago due to gastric cancer.


7. Edward Ou

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Shain Cai’s childhood friend, Chen Qing He had quite a few projects after Meteor Garden, but he hasn’t stepped back into the limelight after some shocking controversies he was involved in a decade ago. Reports say that he has resorted to thievery and was caught several times. He also (creepily) claimed to be an ex-boyfriend of actress Cyndi Wang, which she denied.


6. Rainie Yang

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Rainie Yang’s character as Xiao Yu is actually a scene-stealer with her relationship with Xi Men, one of the F4 members. And maybe that’s why she leveled-up into playing lead roles in her next dramas.  Additionally, she’s also a big Taiwanese pop star  and has held a number of solo concerts. She’s got the best of both worlds, indeed!


5. Vanness Wu

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We loved Vanness for his oozing charisma and rebel persona that gave life to the formidable F4. His great portrayal as Mei Zuo has landed him several drama lead roles after Meteor Garden, including the top hit Autumn’s Concerto. He’s also had a successful music career: he was featured in Beyonce’s Crazy in Love, collaborated with Korean singer Kangta, and became a solo artist recognized in different Asian countries. He married a Singaporean heiress, Arissa Cheo, in 2013, and  he’s still active as ever in the entertainment industry. He even visited the Philippines two years ago!