Meteor shoots across Malaysian sky (Videos)

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The explosive sound heard across parts of Malaysia and Brunei on Sunday was due to a large meteor that shot through the sky in the morning, star enthusiasts say.

According to Brunei’s Astronomical Society yesterday, the space rock entered their country’s air space at 11am, around the same time those in Sabah heard the loud boom. Those in Sabah’s Sipitang and Beaufort districts, located hundreds of kilometers away from Brunei’s capital Bandar Seri Begawan, had reported hearing an explosion.

“Witnesses say the meteor created loud noises and smoke,” a member from the society said.

Eyewitness Amz Awie from Labuan told reporters on Monday that he felt tremors.

“I was fixing my car when I heard and felt something like an earthquake. I looked up and saw smoke in the air,” he said.

A dashcam video taken from Sabah’s Penampang district showed the ball of light flashing across the sky. Another video showed the phenomenon from Labuan.

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