Miami art festival to open Vaporwave mall

Quintana will perform "Interdimensional Baths" show at III Points MATF 2016 (video screenshot)

It's to be the first ever retail mall dedicated to the vaporwave music and fashion movement: visual artist Aileen Quintana will open and perform within 6,000 square foot installation Sunset @ Noon at October's III Points Music, Art & Tech Festival in Miami.

As a music and art aesthetic coalescing over the last six years and looking to the 1980s and 90s for much of its inspiration, vaporwave's roots lie in the migration from an analogue to a digital culture.

Originating online but making itself felt through a fashion subculture, a vaporwave-derived installation is to feature as part of the III Points Music, Art & Tech Festival in Miami this October.

Visual artist Aileen Quintana has already turned her nearby apartment into a vaporwave-themed space, and is now extending the concept to Sunset@Noon, a 6,000 square-foot multi-sensory mall installation.

Department stores, a food court, a VHS store, an active salon and a directory will be part of the experience, with Quintana telling Billboard that vaporwave has "so much to do with mall ambience noises... I'm paying my respect and homage to the dead malls."

The III Points Music, Art & Tech Festival runs October 7-9, 2016, with tickets available from