Michael Fassbender Does the Worm for Jessica Chastain

Michael Fassbender stopped by The Graham Norton Show and talked about how much he would have loved for his Prometheus character, David, a sophisticated android, to have ended the film doing the robot. “I wanted to have David sort of dancing in, on the disco deck of the ship … Ridley didn’t go for it,” Fassbender said.

Michael Fassbender (Photo: Wenn)

This intrigued fellow guest Jessica Chastain, who clearly wanted to see some of his sweet, sweet moves. Norton was concerned at first, saying, “This could be the end of the BBC if we break Michael Fassbender.” 

But with a little convincing, Fassbender was game and expertly showed off something called the flick swan dive. So add that to the already very long list of things that that man does very, very well.

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