Michael Flynn on Trump primary endorsements: ‘I think he’s been poorly advised’

After endorsing Josh Mandel, a GOP primary candidate for Senate from Ohio, former Trump administration national security adviser Michael Flynn tells Yahoo News that he believes the former president’s endorsement of Mandel’s opponent, J.D. Vance, is “poorly advised.” Flynn, who resigned from his White House position, pleaded guilty to lying to Congress regarding conversations with Russian officials and was later pardoned by Trump, says he believes his former boss will rally support for candidates he did not endorse during the primary should they make it to the general election.

Video transcript

- You still talk with President Trump. And you either had talked or we're going to talk with him about this endorsement. Have you guys talked about it?

MICHAEL FLYNN: We've talked about a number of endorsements, but here's where I think that-- I think he's been poorly advised on the other candidates, and particularly one that you mentioned. And I believe exactly what Josh said. Josh is going to win on the 30. The grassroots movement in Ohio is so strong. I mean, I'm talking to millions of people.

I think what you're going to see in this primary is you're going to see a turnout that's substantially higher than the normal, than the averages. And that's going to be the victory, you know, for Josh to be the-- at least the primary winner and then going into the general election. I think once he gets into the general election, I think between he and President Trump, they all work together very, very strongly together and without any problem.

Josh has been aligned with President Trump from the beginning, so he'll get through this primary. It will be a tough primary. People need to get out and vote. But I think that the turnout is going to show where the people of Ohio want to go.

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