Michael Owen causes a real stir - he says he can't stand tea or coffee!

Storm in a tea cup: Former Liverpool striker Michael Owen is in hot water!

Until now, he struck many as a ‘milk in first’ kind of a guy. But the reality is a lot worse.

Michael Owen has caused a real stir – he’s never had a cup of tea or coffee in his life!

Casting doubt over the legitimacy of claims he is British, the former England striker admits he’s never enjoyed a cuppa after a long day. As you would expect, social media is not impressed.

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While most of us wouldn’t get out of bed if the kettle wasn’t within easy reach, Owen at least now knows how to make one – even if he hasn’t been tempted to try the nation’s go-to drink himself.

In an interview with JOE.co.uk, brew wouldn’t believe the confession he made after being quizzed about his favourite hot beverage.

“I’ve never drunk a cup of tea in my life, or coffee for that matter,” he said.

Outcast: Michael Owen with Paul Scholes. Who does drink tea.

“But, I’ve just learnt how to make one.”

Things got even worse. Animal-lover Owen came clean about the horror moment he accidently ran over a rabbit five years ago.

“I live out in the sticks, a little bit in the country and I’m just going down my drive, and a rabbit ran straight in front of me and went ‘crunch’ under my wheel,” he said.

“And I genuinely was gutted. I don’t know why I just… five minutes later when I got in the house I put ‘just ran over a rabbit. Devastated.’ on Twitter. It gets re-tweeted all the time!”

Owen, the 2001 Ballon d’Or winner, also held his hands up to watching only ten films in his lifetime.

Oddly, he has watched Jurassic Park twice but his number one film? Cool Runnings.