Michelin turns off online reservation feature and says will 'adapt to the circumstance'

A first edition of the red Michelin guide

Michelin has closed its online reservation feature and released a statement pledging that its inspectors will be among the first customers when restaurants reopen following the global health pandemic.

In light of the Covid-19 crisis that has forced the closure of millions of restaurants across the globe, the fine dining guide has turned off its online reservation feature until at least April 16.

That also goes for restaurants located in destinations like Seoul, Singapore and Taipei, where restaurants still are up and running and populations not on lockdown.

"Not only will our inspectors be among your first customers, but we will make sure to nourish our passionate community of gastronomes with your latest news and creations, and I will work to defend gastronomy with everything that I have."

Meanwhile, in a message posted Thursday, Michelin director Gwendal Poullennec noted that he's received messages from chefs expressing fears about the implications on the next installment of the Michelin Guide and suggested that the next editions will take into account the closures.

"We are fully aware that this situation is unprecedented. Therefore, we will adapt to the circumstances to evaluate your restaurants in a fair and equitable manner once things have returned to normal."