Michelle Chen admits thoughts of suicide

Michelle Chen admits thoughts of suicide

28 May – Actress Michelle Chen admitted that she was deeply troubled by the criticism received from many when she was cast as Little Dragon Girl in Yu Zheng's new version of "The Legend of Condor Heroes".

As reported on On CC, the baby-faced actress who had been mocked by Netizens since day one for being too plain and chubby for the ethereal role, stated that she experienced one of the darkest moments in her life while filming the series.

"I was extremely pressured because of the criticisms," said Michelle, who recently made an appearance at an awareness event that promotes positivity and happiness.

The actress admitted that the need to maintain her weight while filming long hours had taken quite a toll on her physical and emotional health.

Michelle said that she was pressured by all of it to the extent that the thought of suicide had even occurred to her.

"One day, I stood by the window and the thought of jumping out played through my mind," said the actress. "But I quickly pulled myself together and started thinking positive thoughts. It helped me forget all the negativity."